Feb 29 , 2020

Prefer your child comfort over style

Kids always look cute in any color, style of outfit. Their dressing choice depends on the parents because they choose what they to wear. When they grow up, they wanted to do things of their own choice like eating or dressing. It's a good sign; it means their confidence is building, and they are learning and making decisions. Self-dressing develops cognitive thinking. Kids also use their dreams like dressing for a particular occasion or scenario of their fantasy world.

Babies have susceptible skin; their skin can't bear harsh stuff, or the things which contact with the surface doesn't suit them. It can cause rashes or allergy to their skin. Sweatshirts and hoodies are always a smart choice for them. It can protect them from harsh weather and give them a cozy and comfortable feeling.


All hail the at leisure fashion; sweatshirts are quite high on the fashion radar right now. You may want to grab two sweatshirts, one with some fresh graphics and the other a plain basic one.


Whenever you think that your child does not have the fashion sense, and you want to encourage them to try something outside to their zone of comfort. You should explain to them that a style is a form of self-grooming and according to the occasion. But do not force them to wear something that they do not feel comfortable to put on. Just let them, sooner they will start developing their desired style.

Always prefer comfort over style

Your kids are still immature. Fashion is not their favorite thing. You have to accept it. What matters most is that they should feel confident about whatever they wear. Your priorities should be comforting over style. You should not behave strictly, and you have not imposed what you think is beautiful or right. Your child may not have attractive fashion sense, but they can feel when they are being humiliated. Be careful of your behavior and words you say and trust your kid's judgment.

If you prefer your kid's choice and guide them about on-going fashion with their favorite character, by showing them some pictures and stories, they may adopt your choice. It will help you a lot to develop a good fashion sense in your child because they trust your judgment and idealize you.

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