Feb 29 , 2020

Hoodie Maintenance Washing Guidelines to Keep Hoodies Soft

One of the crazy feelings in the world is putting a new hoodie or sweatshirt and feeling the softness and cozy inside. If we could keep that softness and comfortable warmth while maintaining the printed design durable and all without shrinks, we have to do proper washing of the hoodie. For the best care and maintenance of the hoodie, dry cleaning is the best option. We should avoid washing for a longer period, and learn the proper way of cleaning to keep the hoodie soft and cozy.

Most of the hoodies made up of polyester fabric. It’s a synthetic fabric that resists fading, wrinkles, and shrinking when you take care of it properly. Polyester is used to create blends that make cotton and other fabrics more durable. It has a weakness like other fabrics. It may easily stain or pill with oil-based spills and also susceptible to static cling. That’s why polyester clothes need proper maintenance for excellent feel and appearance.

What things need to consider during washing:

The use of Woolite is best for delicate clothe washing. Woolite is better than harsh detergents; it has been used for washing delicate lingerie and sweaters.

You should use Fabric softener.

Do not use a detergent that comprises bleach.

Method of Hoodies Maintenance through Handwashing:

Fill the tub or bucket with warm water, and add some Woolite in the water and mix it well.

Turn hoodie inside out, and it will protect prints of the hoodie.

Unzip the hoodies and place it into the water, and left it for a few hours.

Squeeze the water and lay the hoodie out to air dry. You should prefer Line dry instead of the hanger.

Method of Hoodies Maintenance through Machine Washing:

You should use warm water in the machine to wash and for rinse, use fresh or lukewarm water.

Set the delicate or gentle cycle of machine dial and mix a Woolite into the warm water, when the water is quarter filled in the washing machine. You can also use a color-preserving gentle detergent or regular detergent, it depends.

Turn the hoodie inside out, and it will protect prints and appliques.  You can also place it in a laundry bag for extra safety.

Zips the hoodie first and do not wash many hoodies in the same washing cycle and make sure to separate dark and light colors.  Don’t mix them with other clothes.  Just wash hoodies and separate colors.

To avoid the sweatshirt shrinking, fading, and preserve longevity, do not put them into the dryer. If you have no option except to put the hoodie in the dryer, then take out the hoodie as soon as possible for its maintenance, if possible, when it is still hot, and lay it on the bed before putting it away so it can air dry.  Do not over-dry in the drier.  You can try only half drying them properly.

Avoid washing for a longer period as possible by hanging the hoodie in the open air, when you are done wearing it.

If you care about proper washing and maintenance, you can enjoy your favorite hoodie comfort and cozy for a more extended period.